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Young and innocent schoolgirl Nataly Von was kidnapped by crazy hot and perverted man
All your perverse fantasies are about to come true. Not that that's a good thing, you'd better keep it to just watching this set, and all the actors involved are doing it for the fun of role play! It gets pretty raunchy here as Nataly Von is carried into an undisclosed location, in a suitcase! The babe fits in a freaking suitcase where Bruno had her bound and ball-gagged. He opens it up and reveals the babe in a schoolgirl outfit, and starts smacking her up a bit before throwing her on a bed with plastic sheets! Not a good situation for Nataly!This unearthly punk really should be the one getting this kind of treatment. It's not long before he throws a couple of digits into her un-lubed asshole. You can tell the guy is really getting a kick out of doing this. What a pervert. Spanking her ass senseless and then throwing her onto the bed, still be continued.

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