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Buxom ladies Latex Lucy and Paige aka Ruby Rubber in the latex world of pleasure
Looks like Latex Lucy has gotten herself into a fix! Shes fallen into the clutches of red-clad Ruby Rubber and shes trapped in an outdoor cage! Uh-oh! as they used to say in the classic old-time bondage comix from the 40s and 50s when a pretty girl got trapped by the clever rope-wielding "villains." Ruby looks like shes not exactly a cream puff. She prods and pokes her captive in the cage, even swaying it to give Lucy sea sickness, or make that cage sickness! She even puts slats in the cage to make it even more claustrophobic and tight for our heroine! Well, life is never simple for a damsel in distress, as Lucy has learned in her other appearances on House of Taboo. She continues to be cramped in the cage when its lowered to the ground and Ruby sits on it. When Ruby finally takes her out of the cage, its only to put her in bondage on top of it, tying her wrists and ankles so that Lucy aint goin nowhere! Uh oh! Ruby smacks Lucys well-encased titties and her bare midriff with a kind of paddle, but Lucy takes it like a champ. Then Ruby gets Lucy turned around so that she can spank her on her latex-sheathed booty, over and over. But whats this--Rubys opened the zipper that reveals Lucys pussy and asshole!! Ow, that makes the paddle hurt even more when her private parts are exposed to punishment. But wait--whats Ruby doing now? Is that a big thick vibrator? Uh-oh--its going into Lucys snatch! And she can't help but get turned on because, darn it all, she loves being a captive of a commanding character like the mysterious Ruby Rubber!

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