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Lesbian roleplaying in action featuring gorgeous girl Lena Love and her slave Victoria Summers
The fox hunt didnt go well for Mistress Lena Love, and she is in a furious frame of mind. Why havent you completed all the housework in my absence? she snaps at her new maid Victoria Summers, still holding her riding crop from the hunt. You insolent girl, you deserve to have that bottom warmed! Ah, take my crop right from the flanks of my horse onto your ass! SMACK SMACK SMACK! And come to think of it, missy, says Lena, youd make quite a good little steed yourself! Perhaps Ill add Giving Milady Horsie Rides to your list of daily duties! Ha-ha! Mistress Lena straddles poor Victoria and plies her with the crop, even running it in the tender groove of her pussy. Victoria knows better than to talk back, and so she endures her panties being pulled down by her mistress and her cheeks humiliatingly thwacked. But then comes even greater embarrassment...having to remove her mistresss boots after that long ride, and endure the aroma of her feet! Massage them, you lazy idiot! snaps Mistress Lena, watching her servant rub and cleanse her toes with some handy wipes. Then a strange thing happens: Victoria really begins to enjoy this new and unexpected duty...Victoria suddenly finds herself kissing her employers feet, licking and sucking the red-polished toes and lathing the soles! Mistress Lena is pleased by this new outburst of kinky devotion. So youre really more of a slave than just a maid, she sneers, the employment agency hadnt told me. Well, if its slavery you want, my girl, youll get plenty of it in the House of Lena Love! And lets see how wet your pussy got from licking and sucking my dirty sweaty stinky feet! Lena knows by the telltale squish of her probing crop that this little slut is indeed excited by such servitude. Well, this puts a whole new light on things, says Lena, and Im happy to tell you that for the rest of the afternoon, youll be my footstool as I relax from that damned fox hunt!

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