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Tanja frolics with her classmate in the gym sucking his lucky dick with her whoring mouth
Tanja is one naughty girlfriend! No matter how many times Ruka has told her to stop smoking--especially in his dorm room--she doesnt listen. Putting aside the ashtray, he figures hell teach her a lesson. Maybe if she has something else to put in her mouth, she wont be so drawn to tobacco! He's been so busy with hockey practice lately that he hasn't given her enough dick. Well, shes down for blowing him, all right! Girl's just so darn oral. Taking down his shorts, she delights in feeling his big thick boner plop against her forehead. Does that ever make her feel like a bad little slut! Into her mouth goes his shaft. Yummy! But can it ever take the place of her ciggies? Tanja sits down on a box while Ruka stands over her, giving her plenty of opportunity to look up at him and worship his prick. Yes, maybe this will do the trick, he figures, giving her a constant diet of his meat to occupy her lips and tongue! Wow, she really knows how to lick and nibble balls. She sure mustve had some heavy duty practice somewhere else before she met him! Look at her lay across the desk and grab her ankles while she blows him--that takes talent! Dedication to cock! Maybe the coffin nails will soon be a thing of the past...come on baby, take your medicine, Ruka thinks, this dick will save you from those nasty butts! Here is the healing cream...take it on your face! Isnt that better than smelly cigarettes? Uh-oh...apparently not! Not only is she having another smoke now, but shes smoking with her pussy too! Now she has 2 addictions--tobacco AND tubesteak!! Ruka's back to square one!!

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