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Crazy and really amazing episode of Money Talks which you will like, guys
Here we go again with yet anotheraction packed episode of Money Talks.As you all know we like to add our ownspecial touch to everyday mundaneactivities, and today is no exception.This time around we built a toilet seat made of plexi glass and sata couple of hotties on it, the resultswere vagtastic. Then we take a walkdown the beach and get some silly assdude to perform an ATM on himself witha chap stick, unfortunately we forgotto mention that the chap stick hadtingly menthol in it. After that wecook up a little bit called MoneyHoneys, where we mix a couple of babes,a couple bottles of honey and a wholelot of money. And for this updates bigfinish, the Money Talks crew hits thebeach for a little Babe Watch, letsjust say we finally see how C.J. passesthe time in the life guard stand.

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