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Naomi babe is being caught by a hunter and held naked as a prisoner in his house
Back for the second episode of our exciting roleplay scenario of the defiant captive and her cruel CONQUEROR, starring Naomi and Totti! Last week, military guy (or paramilitary?--you decide!) Totti inspected his captive, the beautiful Naomi, and saw that no matter how much he disciplined her with his harsh probing, spanking, and bondage, she still didnt lose that quiet look of defiance in her eyes. This time hell show her whos learn that the cock of the CONQUEROR is to be respected, served, pleasured, and drained of its fluids so that the CONQUEROR may then continue with a clear head (a brain not befuddled by sperm buildup) to devise masterful strategies to sweep across the lands and subdue weaker peoples! Yes, Totti may only be an enlisted man, but he is part of the force that has spread an empire over the continent! How dare this girl look at him as if she does not see his stature, his strength, and his membership in the army of the CONQUEROR! He has the chained captive suck his dick, her saliva pouring over her lips as he ravishes her face...then he turns her around and takes his pleasure with the asshole he earlier inspected so closely! He plunges inside, taking her, making her understand that he is, indeed, the CONQUEROR INCARNATE...his prick goes deep into her mouth again, and he pulls on her nipples...her saliva oozes all over her chin...where is her dignity now? Hell make her look like a slave yet and wipe that pride off her face! He has her suck his balls...maybe shell end up as a part of the elite ball-sucking brigade of female slaves satisfying the whims of the CONQUERORS...and now its time for her asshole again. He spreads her dirty cheeks, grimy from the cluttered attic shes confined to...and into her rectum he goes! Filling it deep...fucking it wild...and then, spraying on her! Her filthy feet and musty hands struggle against her bonds even as she takes the seemingly endless blasts of goo that keep landing on her tongue and chin and drip relentlessly down to her tits...but look! Shes STILL not convinced! Her spirit is still whole, and laughing at the CONQUEROR! Well, we will see what she thinks next week...when we return with Part 3, which will feature one of the most perverted sequences ever to be shown on House of Taboo!!

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