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Crazy students organize their own unlimited banging party club with blackjack and whores
When my friends offered throwing a theme sex party, we tried really hard to find a perfect theme for a crazy sex party. I don't remember who it was who offered a pajamas party, but the idea seemed just brilliant! Just think about it: you don't have to wait till hot student girls get naked, they'll come almost naked to your party! Besides, we invite only the hottest college girls to our parties, so we knew that these shameless cuties would choose the most seductive undies. And so they did! Look at those four stunning college chicks in their tiny pajamas that conceal nothing. Mmm, they made my mouth water! Even though the sexy babes looked so kinky in their outfits, I couldn't wait to make the pretty party girls get naked... Anyway, the theme sex party began, let's have a blast!

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