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Sarah Jackson spreads her long legs and gets fingered and drilled by her new boss
Sarah hails from New York and she's in town to have some fucking fun. She loves to fuck and has had her share of one night stands, but she always remained friends with her one night standers. You got to love a girl who's so friendly. Preston finds out that the craziest thing she's ever done was she's fucked on the hood of a car while people were around watching. We here at Bang love freaky girls and Sarah is right up our alley. After a little Q & A Preston gets right down to business and asks Sarah if she likes to masturbate and if she could possibly do that for the camera. She agrees and immediately pulls her shorts to the side revealing a very tight, wet, pink pussy. Delicious! Sarah Jackson is a blonde with ambition and she's ready to show the world. Enjoy!

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